Cold months often mean constantly being plagued with fogged up windshields and windows, a dangerous condition if you’re on the road. To quickly clear fog without leaving a smudgy mess behind, keep a chalkboard eraser in your car.

Alternatively, rolling down the window and letting some fresh air in will quickly defog windows.


Fog-PROOFING your windshield

– Put shaving cream on the inside of your windows and then wipe it off. Shaving cream has a lot of the same ingredients that commercial defoggers have, and it leaves a layer on the window to keep the fog off.
– Fill a stocking with kitty litter which absorbs water and keep that in your car overnight.
– Before you turn your car off each night, open the windows and let cold air in. The moisture from you breathing in your car will be replaced with dryer air.
– Don’t leave water bottles or other drinks in your car because the water becomes frost on the inside windows of your car.
Also, the AC is one of the best defoggers around. The compressor takes the humidity out of the air.